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We are Tanzania’s leading consulting firm

About Nasia Consult Limited.

NASIA Consult Limited (NCL) is Tanzania’s leading consulting firm that specializes in the fields of asset valuation, property management, Land administration, property finance and marketing, mortgage brokers, real estate, and debt collection services.

NASIA Consult Limited provides property valuation in areas such as

  • Financial Reporting & Accounting
  • Fixed and non-fixed assets
  • Sale/Purchase Value
  • Compulsory acquisition
  • Capital Gain Tax(Transfer)
  • Investment
  • Bail
  • Rent Assessment
  • Insurance
  • Tax Assessment
  • Mortgage
  • Real property
  • Compensation
  • Probate & Administration

Who we are

NASIA is the Limited Company with limited liability incorporated under cap 212 of the laws of the United Republic of Tanzania.
The Company is duly registered and was issued with a Certificate of incorporation No. 136410 on 12th day of July, 2017 with business license No. B3486600 and TIN No. 134-098-422 VAT No. 40-031182-W all under the name of NASIA CONSULT COMPANY LIMITED.

NASIA is an indigenous enterprise wholly owned by Tanzanian professionals comprising of four (2) Directors of longstanding experience in the field of Valuation, Property and Facilities Management, Asset Physical Verification, Asset Coding, Asset valuation, Property Finance and Marketing, General Auctioning, Mortgage Broker, Real estate agent, Debt collection and Land Administration, To supplement its consultancy services, NASIA also outsources services of other independent specialists from the general public as and when needed for such multidisciplinary approach arises.

Nasia Consult Limited is a full corporate member of the Association of Real Estate Professionals of Tanzania (AREPTA) and Valuers Registration Board of Tanzania (VRB), as well as Members of the Association of Registered Real Estate Firms in Tanzania (TIVEA). Due to our Capacity we are spread in various regions of Tanzania, Our branches in Dar es Salaam, Morogoro, Dodoma, Iringa, Arusha, Mwanza, Mbeya, Songea, Njombe Mtwara, Shinyanga and Zanzibar.

Our business partners in Property Valuation are Commercial banks such as CRDB, NMB, STANBIC BANK, TPB, TIB BANK, TADB, MKOMBOZI, AND EQUITY BANK, we are also in partners with which Government Institutions such as MINISTRY OF HEALTH, AFRICAN MINERAL AND GEOSCIENCE CENTRE, TICTS, MUHIMBILI ORTHOPAEDIC INSTITUTE (MOI), KILIMANJARO CHRISTIAN MEDICAL UNIVERSITY COLLEGE, MWANANYAMALA HOSPITAL,), MAZIMBU HOSPITAL, MOROGORO REGIONAL REFERRAL HOSPITAL, CASHEWNUT BOARD, PSSSF, KARIAKOO MARKET CORPORATION for Letting and Management of their properties, deal with mortgage financing, developers, and commercial Developers.

Our partners in Property and Facilities Management business are Government Organizations and Private Companies such as National Social Security Fund (NSSF), Public Social Security Fund (PSSSF), National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF), and NGORONGORO CONSERVATION AREA AUTHORITY.

Our Vision

NASIA Consult's vision is to achieve the highest possible standards of the real estate industry while establishing the agency as the premier and go-to real estate company in the Tanzania market.

Our Mission

To provide above the threshold and cutthroat consulting services in the real estate industry that is innovative and ambitious.

Why Choose Us

Highest Standards of Quality and Performance All staffs of the Company are bound by: A Code of Ethics, Rules of Conduct, Professional Practice Standards, Experience, High Level of Technology, Reaserch.

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