Property valuation

We undertake physical verification and condition assessment of all types of fixed assets. This is normally followed by the valuation of the assets for variety of purposes,
→ Accounting/ Balance sheet
→ Rating
→ Rent assessment
→ Mortgage
→ Acquisition and Merger
→ Investment Appraisal
→ Taxation and Liquidation
→ Divestiture
→ Negotiations
→ Preparation of prospectus of companies slated for listing (IPO) on the stock Exchange Markets.

The types of assets valued include Intangible (software, good will) and Tangible such as land and buildings, specialized Plant & Machinery, including Communication Towers and Equipment; Water Structures and Reticulation Works, Transmission Facilities and Installations, Furniture and Equipment as well as Transport assets such as Motor Vessels, motor Vehicle and earth moving equipment.

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